4 tips from experienced parents on learning Chinese, praising kids, appreciating poetry

自家教心得分享 Chinese homeschooling tips from experienced parents


Tip #1



The beauty of poetry

We recommend emphasizing the beauty, rhythm, and surprise of the language used in poetry instead of dissecting and examining the poems unto death. Nothing kills joy like being forced to find “deep meaning” in an art form that is meant to express feeling and ideas in a symbolic way.


Tip #2 肯定孩子的成就


小至記認到一個簡單的生字,大至自己獨立完成閱讀一本故事書,又或者看完一整套的寶貝盒⋯ 這些都是孩子語文發展的成績,都值得你為他慶賀。


Celebrate your child's success

Did your child finally remember a particularly difficult character? Did they finish the first book? Did they happily read through a Treasure Box book with ease? All these incremental achievements, no matter how small, can be celebrated.

Children love to be praised and will glow with happiness if you acknowledge their effort and improvement. Even if it’s just to congratulate your child on having a good attitude, find a way to make your child feel important and special. They will associate joyful feelings with learning Chinese and as a result, want to do more of it.

Tip #3 學習的最終目的



Keep your end goal in mind

The point of teaching our children Chinese is to communicate.

Sometimes, in the midst of trying to cram characters and stroke orders into our children, we forget that the entire purpose of helping our kids learn Chinese is to be able to communicate. Whether it is with ourselves, our families, or other people who speak Chinese, the short term goals of passing tests and memorizing words are meaningless without considering the bigger picture.

Chinese is spoken and read by more than a billion people. It is in the hopes of being able to communicate effectively and easily with these people that we go through this journey of Chinese literacy.


Tip #4 完美 vs 過得去




Perfect vs good enough

Don’t let perfection get in the way of good enough.

Many of our activities can seem intimidating if you tend towards perfectionism. But truthfully, they can be done in a quick and slapdash sort of manner. If you note, the BINGO card made was not fancy - it was just handwritten on a piece of paper.

Do what you need to get something done. Don’t worry about how pretty it is or “should be.” If your child can understand or use it, it’s perfect.

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