Hiding characters in drawings

This activity may not seem conventional, but it is fun and artistic for kids to try. In fact, the best part of the activity is when they ask the grown up (or other kids) to find the hidden characters.


This week, your children will be “hiding” characters in their drawings. Whether they choose to make the picture the actual character or they draw a scene and hide the characters within the picture is up to them.



- paper
- Pens/pencils/crayons


- Your child gets to make the activity this week, so once again, no prep work!
- Alternatively, if you also want to participate, you can follow the directions below, too.


Hidden Characters (age 3+, single/multi player)

1) Have child choose 1-10 characters to draw/incorporate in a drawing
2) Child draws a picture either making the picture the actual character, or drawing a scene and hiding/writing the characters in tiny script to be part of the picture. They can also decide to make smaller pictures into characters and incorporate into the larger scene.
3) When your child is done, they can either switch with your other children and find each other’s hidden characters or have you search for the characters, too.

Alternative ideas: If your children are younger, you can give the “guesser” a list of the characters hidden in the drawing (unless the actual drawing is the character). To make the game harder, you can keep the character list hidden as well as the number of characters to find hidden. You can also have the guesser write down the characters they find instead of circling or pointing out the characters.

Drawing activity

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Read other Chinese books with your child.

Often, we forget that the entire point of using Basic Chinese 500 is so that our children will be able to read Chinese (or at least, 500 of the characters, anyway). If you have other Chinese books at home, read them with your child. Point to the characters they should know and have them read only those characters.

In fact, if you’re feeling really lazy, you can just have your children point out the characters they know in children’s books instead of reading the story. The beauty of this is that the fewer characters they know, the faster the story time will go. 😉

If you do not have Chinese books at home, you can always print out Chinese text online and have your children circle or point out all the characters they recognize. This activity is particularly helpful because our children see WHY they are learning Chinese. They are learning so that they can unlock stories written in Chinese, plus they can see their improvement over time as your children can read more and more characters.

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