Find the Character Game

The best part about this activity is that you can use different props (or none at all) and the game will seem like something entirely new!


This week, your children will have to follow your hands closely as they try to find the character card.


- Paper
- Pen
- Cups/hats/bowls




- Write one character on each card (at least three cards)
- Bend/Crease each card so it’s easy to stand up and hold/grab


Find the Character Game (age 3+, single/multi player)

1) Take 3 character cards and place them face up. Choose a character for players to find.
2) Next, in the same order as before, either turn the cards face down or put them under a cup face down.
3) Move the cards/cups around.
4) Ask where the chosen character is and have each player choose where they think the card is.
5) Flip over all cards and see who is right.

Alternative ideas: To vary difficulty just change the speed at which you mix up the cards. The faster you go, the harder the game becomes. For variety, you can change up whatever is covering the cards.

Find the Character Game

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If your child can already read English/pinyin, you may find it helpful to use sticky notes or an easy to remove washi tape to cover the English/pinyin. This way, you can be sure that your children actually recognize the characters instead of just reading the pinyin or translating from the English.

Alternatively, you can use a half sheet of paper and cover the English/pinyin. This is both faster and likely to cause less damage to your books (However, because it is also less permanent, your child might be able to cheat!)

Incidentally, you can usually tell when your child is reading pinyin instead of reading the characters because their pronunciation will mostly likely be off. Kids usually can’t help reading pinyin like they’re reading English.

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