Fleur’s Story – proper planning to make extreme tight schedule fit, TWICE

One of the most common excuses we hear about not doing Sagebooks involves the lack of time and parents being super busy. While we do not discount these real and legitimate issues, it can also be overcome with proper planning.



This week’s Parent Spotlight is Fleur and what she does not mention is that when she was teaching her oldest daughter, they had minimum 3 hour daily commutes with both parents working. With her second daughter, she was traveling alone with her three girls and a friend and their family for 3-4 months in multiple Asian countries.

In other words, if you want to go through Sagebooks, you’ll find a way.


Fleur is a 2nd generation Taiwanese American and can speak and understand Mandarin semi-fluently. She learned Mandarin in college (although she had exposure to Chinese as a child from her parents). Her husband only speaks English but has learned some basic Chinese to speak with their three girls. They currently homeschool in Chinese and her children are stronger and more comfortable in Mandarin.


- 9.5-year-old daughter (started: 5.5 years old; finished: ~7-8 months)
- 6.5 year old daughter (started: 5 and again at 6; finished: ~8-10 months)
- 4-year-old daughter (not applicable)


1) Why did you choose Sagebooks?

I choose Sagebooks because I heard about it from Guavarama and another friend and it sounded like a program I could execute 🙂

2) What was your experience with going through Sagebooks?

With #1 (age 5.5, girl, ~7-8 months), it was a relatively smooth process. Every week a couple times during the week, we would go through lessons. I would just let #1 read as many lessons as she wanted to (typically 3-5 lessons, more in the first 2 sets).

With #2 (tried to start at 5, then restarted again at 6, girl, ~8-10 months) it was a much harder process. I wasn't as consistent (started & stopped many times due to traveling/school/wonky schedule). When we finally got into a more consistent pattern, #2 would read 2-3 lessons at a time.

3) What did your typical lesson look like? Did you do additional activities?

Typical lesson for #1 consisted of introducing new character & reading the lesson. Rinse & repeat. No additional activities.

Typical lesson for #2 was similar.

4) What did you like about Sagebooks? Was there anything you didn't?

I liked the repetition of characters for reinforcement.

5) If you have more than one child, would you do it again?


6) Any advice for parents who are just starting?

Consistency is key. The goal shouldn't be to cram as many lessons/characters in 1 sitting, but to consistently go over a little bit every day (or as often as possible).


Thanks so much for your answers, Fleur! If Fleur could successfully finish Sagebooks TWICE during extremely tight schedules and less than ideal situations, likely you can, too.

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