Help Your Child Write Characters by Using Fun Materials

Hello, friends!

We hope your children have been enjoying these activities and that they’re not too intimidating to try. Our goal is to provide activities that seem doable. Don’t worry about making things perfect or pretty!


Just like last week, this week’s activity is about writing characters again. Instead of a kinesthetic activity, we’ll be using different textures and materials.

Quick Tip: Your child may be tempted to just decorate and color the character. That is ok and a fun way for them to integrate the character into art.


  • Several sheets of 8x11 paper
  • Marker/Crayon
  • Stickers (dots, hole reinforcement stickers, any kind of stickers)
  • Round stamps/any stamp
  • Tiny mosaic tiles/smooth glass stones/smooth stones/
  • Round Magnets
  • Cotton balls/Fuzzy balls
  • Legos/anything with small pieces

*Alternate materials: tongs, child chopsticks, real chopsticks, plastic tweezers



  • Write out a different character on each 8x11 sheet of paper. Write it large. You can also choose to cut the sheet into quarters for smaller cards.



Decorating/Writing Characters (age 3+, single players)

1) Have your child trace the character a few times with their finger.
2) Have your child choose whatever material (eg: glass stones) to line up on the character and form the character.
3) Repeat until you are done with all the materials and characters you want to use.

Alternate ideas: To add a layer of difficulty, your child can use tweezers to move the objects onto the characters.


Decorating/Writing Characters

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Use the Treasure Boxes to reinforce characters and build confidence.

The Treasure Boxes are a great resource because they use only the characters (with the exception of one or two new characters) your child has learned up through the end of that set. This is a good way to build confidence in your new reader as well as provide variety from the sets.

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Have a wonderful day and we’ll see you next week!