Character Stroke Guessing Game

This week’s activity is similar to our slow character reveal activity except instead of using a flashcard and covering it up, we will be writing the character down.


We’ll be testing how quickly your child can guess the character we are writing. This activity requires your child to understand stroke order and recognizing the possibility that multiple characters start out the same way. It helps your child identify at which point the character becomes unique.


- Paper/dry erase board
- Pen/pencil



The activity is the making so you don’t have to have any special materials or create anything this week.


Guess Character Game (age 3+, single/multi player)

1) Write the first stroke of a character.
2) See if your child can guess based on that stroke alone. If not, write the next stroke.
3) Continue until your child guesses the correct character.

Alternative ideas: If your child is very young, show them 3 characters and tell them you will choose one of those characters to write. To make the game easy, have the characters be very different. (For example: 大,小,口.) It should be obvious from the first stroke what character you are writing.

If your child finds that too simple, you can make it a little harder by choosing 3 characters with the same radical. (For example: 左,在,有.) With the example, your child won’t know until the third stroke what the character will be.

For multiple players, whoever guesses the character first wins a point.
For fun, if you have an older kid, you can have THEM write characters and have YOU guess which character it is. They’ll get some practice writing with proper stroke order and you will get to provide entertainment for them if they “stump” you.

Character Stroke Guessing Game 1

Character Stroke Guessing Game 2

Character Stroke Guessing Game 3

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Don’t stress about doing crafts and activities to help your child learn characters.

Despite the fact that we’ve gone through 18 weeks of them, even if you don’t do anything extra, your child will still do well and learn the 500 Sagebooks characters. Life is busy and full of enough pressure and expectations. There is no need to add even more on your shoulders.

The Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 curriculum is designed so that each successive chapter builds on the previous ones. There is plenty of built-in review within the lessons and even if you never pick up a flash card or do a fun activity, your child will be fine and learn just as well as if you did.

These suggested activities are for fun and completely optional. Please do not feel as if you must do them.

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