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Learning Journal

Advanced games to learn emotions

Games to learn emotions 認識情感

Story telling activities to boost Chinese ability

Tell me a story… games to step up kids’ Chinese

對稱的配對遊戲 – 挑戰3D運用

4 fun language games using comics

The many faces of 破音字 (homographs)


The Fun of 疊詞


A study of “de” 「的/ 得/ 地」的練習

Comparing 他/她/它/牠/祂

More Radical Fun Games

Fun Games to Tackle Radicals

Idiom Matching Activities

Imperfect Activities

Modern Chinese Poetry for Children

4 Fun Ways to Classical Chinese Poetry

Teaching Chinese Parts of Speech

Top 5 Activities

Fun Ways to practice Chinese Classifiers

Charades Break

The Problem of Time

Blindfold Activity

Component Matching Activity

Lego Building Activity


Marshmallow and Toothpick Activity

Decorating Glue Characters

Painting Over Washi Tape Activity

Character Stroke Guessing Game

Find the Character Game

接龍 / Jie Long Connecting Dragon Activity

Slow reveal finger trace

Hiding characters in drawings

Guessing Traced Characters Activity

Character Domino Game

Character Matching

Missing character game

Making Phrases and Sentences with Characters

Make your Own Puzzles

Help Your Child Form Characters with Playdough

Help Your Child Write Characters by Using Fun Materials

Using salt to teach your child how to write

拋豆袋 Bean Bag Toss Activity

去釣魚&抽烏龜 Go Fish and Old Maid

釣魚遊戲 Fishing Game

Fun Matching and Memory Games to Help Remember Characters