Help Your Child Form Characters with Playdough

Just like the last few weeks, this activity focuses on writing characters and getting your child used to forming the characters they’re learning.


Instead of writing or using stickers and materials to put on top of characters, we’ll be MAKING them!

Quick Tip: Your child may be tempted to just play with the playdough instead of forming characters. That is ok and totally normal.



- Playdough, clay, modeling clay, kinetic sand, or anything that can hold a moldable shape


Forming Characters (age 3+, single person)

1. Show your child the character you want them to make (either directly from the book or from flash cards).
2. Show your child how to make the character with the playdough.
3. Have your child make the character with the playdough.
4. Repeat until you are done with all the materials and characters you want to use.

Alternate ideas: If your child doesn’t have the manual dexterity to make the characters, you can have them guess the characters you’re making as you’re making it. Put each stroke down in order and ask them to guess after each stroke.


Forming characters with playdough

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Have your older children help with your younger kids.

If you do not have older children or this is your oldest child, this won’t work. But perhaps there are older kids you know or in higher grades that might be able to help. If you DO have older children, encourage them to read and review with your younger child. This helps the older kids review as well as gives them bonding time with each other. It also frees up time for you!

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Have a wonderful day and we’ll see you next week!