Slow reveal finger trace

This activity uses flashcards in a less boring way. It also tests how well your child recognizes different characters by using their unique and shared components.


This week, you will be slowly revealing a hidden flashcard and seeing how quickly your child can guess the character correctly (or in the case of multiple players, who can guess the character first). This activity helps children use unique details and markers to figure out what character is being unveiled and will ultimately, solidify the character in their memory.


- Paper
- Pens
- Small napkin/kerchief/towel/sheet




- Write several characters on cards


Slow Reveal Character Guessing Game (age 3+, single/multi player)

1) Take a card and place it face up and cover the entire card with another sheet of paper or napkin.
2) Slowly reveal the character and have Player 1 guess what the character is before the entire word is shown.
3) If Player 1 can’t guess the character before it is completely uncovered, ask the other players to identify the character. Whoever guesses the character gets the point.
4) Move on to Player 2.

Quick Tip: If your children are younger, you can give the “guesser” a list of the characters being revealed. This way, you help your child narrow down their options vs having them choose from all possible characters in the Chinese lexicon.

Alternative ideas: To make the game more competitive, instead of taking turns guessing, you can have all players guess at the same time. Whoever guesses correctly first wins the point.

You can also give 5 points if a player guesses correctly before the entire character is uncovered. If players identify a character after it is fully revealed, they only get 1 point.


Slow reveal character guessing game

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If your child is either too young to hold a pencil well or just doesn’t like writing, you can have them use a finger to trace the characters instead. Sagebooks has a large version of each character (along with brush strokes) at the start of every lesson. Have your child say the word out loud as they finger trace the character.

This way, your child will still internalize the stroke order and get a feel for the shape and construction of the character. Do it a few times and then move on to the lesson.

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