Painting Over Washi Tape Activity

This week’s activity is a lot of fun for kids because it’s kind of like magic. (Ok, not really. But it’s still a really cool effect.)


We’ll be having your child “write” a character using washi tape and then coloring over the tape with crayons, pencils, or paints. When they remove the tape, the character will still be there! MAGIC!



- Paper
- Colored pens, pencils, paints, markers
- Washi tape



Once again, the activity is the making so you don’t have to create anything in particular for your child other than providing the materials.



Painting Over Washi Tape Activity (age 3+, single person)

1) Have your child “write” a character using washi tape. If your child is too young to remember how to write it by themself, you can either provide cards from which they can copy, or write the character very lightly on the page and have them tape over it. (Remember, the whole point of the activity is so that when your child lifts the tape, it’s blank under the tape. So make sure you write so lightly that it can be easily erased.)
2) Once the character is taped down, have your child color over tape and surrounding paper. Let them color or draw whatever they want.
3) When your child is done with coloring, help them carefully lift off the washi tape.
4) If your child wants to add some additional flair, they can outline the edges of the blank character or color that part in, too.

Alternative ideas: If you want to try different art mediums, you can use canvas or different types of paints (eg: puffy paints, glitter glue). You can even tape glass, spray some alcohol on the glass, and then drip paints and swirl the paint around. When the paint dries and sets, remove the tape and set the glass against a white paper background.


Painting Over Washi Tape Activity

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Just like experts recommend a bedtime routine to signal and prepare your children for sleep, you can use routines to signal and prepare your children to learn.

Choose a set time and place for you and your child to read and review Sagebooks together. Perhaps it’s right after bathtime and before they go to sleep. Do they have a prefered stuffed animal or toy they can hold? Or do you prefer to do Sagebooks first thing in the morning at breakfast? Perhaps when you’re waiting for another child to finish a class or activity?

Whatever it is, setting these routines helps you remember to do Sagebooks because the time or activity is the cue for your reading. If you don’t end up doing the routine, you might find that you forget to read Sagebooks because it is so ingrained in your minds!

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